370 specialized institutions operate in Ukraine – NSZU

In Ukraine, the list of medical institutions is gradually increasing, expanding their profile and moving to provide assistance to victims of the war. In particular, the Ukrainian Medical Center for the Rehabilitation of Children with Organic Damage to the Nervous System, discovered referral of consultations for parents and children with PTSD.

Currently, post-traumatic stress disorder affects hundreds of people every day. Rehabilitation services are free of charge, due to the fact that they are included in the Medical Guarantee Program, the cost of providing medical care is paid by the National Health Service of Ukraine.

Parents need to bring with them:

1. referral from a doctor, pediatric neurologist

2. an extract from the child’s medical record

3. copies of all preliminary examinations

4. an extract from the hospital

To date, there are three rehabilitation packages in SGP:

  • Rehabilitation of adults and children from three years old with lesions of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Rehabilitation of adults and children over the age of three with damage to the nervous system.
  • Medical rehabilitation of infants who were born prematurely and sick during the first three years of life.

This year, 370 healthcare institutions signed an agreement with the NSZU on the provision of rehabilitation services.

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