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In a day arrival in taipei Speaker of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi, 21 Chinese military aircraft invaded the Taiwan Air Force surveillance zone. Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense stated informs PAP.

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Among the PRC planes that violated the Taiwan security zone today were Shenyan J-11 and Shenyang J-16 fighter jets, as well as a Shaanxi KJ-500 radar reconnaissance aircraft, the ministry said.

The Taiwan Air Force raised its planes to monitor the situation.

At the same time, Taipei refutes Chinese media reports that a Chinese Su-35 was in Taiwanese airspace.

According to the Taiwanese military, this is far from the most massive violation of the air security zone by Chinese aircraft – in October 2021, 56 Chinese military aircraft were in the Taiwanese air defense control zone.

REFERENCE. The Republic of China (Taiwan) is a state recognized by 17 countries, Ukraine de jure considers it a part of the PRC. Before being defeated by the communist regime of Mao Zedong in the civil war, it controlled the entire territory of China. Since 1949, it has controlled only Taiwan and a few small islands. The PRC considers Taiwan its province and declares its desire for “peaceful reunification.” Taiwan says it is ready to offer armed resistance if invaded.

President of the U.S.A Joe Biden declared in May that Washington engages the armyif China tries to take over Taiwan by force. “We support the One China policy, but that doesn’t mean that China has, excuse me, jurisdiction to use force to seize Taiwan,” he explained Washington’s position.

  • On June 10, Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe during a meeting with the head of the Pentagon Lloyd Austin said that Beijing “won’t hesitate to start a war” if Taiwan declares independence.
  • Financial Times, citing its own sources reportedthat China privately sent a threatening warning to the administration of US President Joe Biden over a possible visit by Pelosi to Taiwan.
  • China today made a “strong protest” to the United States and stated that “such US actions are like playing with fire” and “those who play with fire die from fire.”

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